HUBT Prestige

 Hanoi University of Business and Technology (HUBT) was founded in 1996 by Prof. Tran Phuong as the President, also the Chairman of Vietnam Economic Association, and Vice President of the Council of Ministers. Over 17 years of its operation, HUBT has proved its mission and leader position in training "applied economists and technicians" and provided human resource of high quality for enterprises. Thanks to those achievements and contributions, HUBT was presented with the Third Class and the Second Class Labor Medal by the Government. Graduates have been highly appreciated regarding professionals, soft skills and they can find good jobs with relatively high salaries. Furthermore, many students have held key positions as well as becoming owners of their enterprises after graduation or even when they are still studying at HUBT.

 Teaching and Learning

 HUBT teaching staffs include 130 Doctorates, Associate Professors and Professors, 320 Masters, the rest are Bechalors, Engineers. In addition, HUBT cooperates with 300 visiting lecturers. Most lecturers have assumed important roles in the Government as well as Directors and Deputy Directors. Knowledge volume of HUBT is relatively “large” compared to that of other universities (Bachelor: 240 compared to 210 credits, College: 180 compared to 150 credits). In which, English covers 72 credits and Applied Informatics covers 24 credits (English and Applied Informatics cover 20 credits, that means 8 credits higher than Bachelor Programme’s). It is considered a qualified program and requires each student to take their study seriously. HUBT are opposed to examination frauds. Any staff and student violating will suffer from the strictest punishments. 


Students have opportunities to learn in a friendly environment with advanced facilities. Each classroom is equipped with projector, sound systems and wifi network covering the whole university. Additionally, HUBT has one large and small canteen, automatic dispensing apparatus on all floors, which make it convenient for students. The functional classrooms for learning, scientific research, library, testing and examination are equipped with modern computer systems with camera monitors. Therefore, you have all favorable conditions to focus on learning. In particular, we are proud of Tu Son Campus, Bac Ninh with modern facilities with total 20 hectare area including science village of 54 centers belonged to the Association; sports zone includes sports hall, football ground, volleyball, basketball and badminton ground. Dorms includes more than 450 classrooms with enough living facilities for staffs and students. Service area includes convenience stores, entertainment and fitness centers. 

Vinh Tuy Campus

Tu Son Campus

Entertainments and Social Activities 

HUBT is one of the universities with numerous Union activities. At HUBT, you have opportunities to participate 20 clubs in literature, sports and arts, as well as making career orientations. Many forums, social events, useful seminars organized regularly are waiting for you such as "Miss HUBT - Charming Business", "The Voice of HUBT", "HUBT Business Idea Competition ", etc. We are also proud of a Union team with typical students plus voluntary and green summer campaigns. 

Only in HUBT 

At HUBT, you will have especially interesting experience. You can study both full-time programme, and even exceed standard time. In many lessons, students have opportunities to prepare or test by presentation - group seminar and participate in actual group lessons at Uncle Ho Mausoleum, Museum of Air Defence - Air Force, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ecopark urban areas, etc. As for Faculty of Business Management, last-year students have opportunities to participate 2 day and 1 night field trip at large-sized enterprises plus activities with military units. Every month, HUBT always holds free screenings in Hall B, Vinh Tuy. So many interesting things are waiting for you! 

Especially, the common knowledge is "Not-old-thought of not-new-issue" and "To be successful, you have to make yourself different and influential". We are proud of what we have done and we also believe that HUBT is a good choice for you!