14:32 - 01-07-2014

 HUBT Library

Location: Floor 9 & 10, Building C
Opening time: 8am - 11am and 1h30pm - 5pm.

- Floor 9:

Including reading rooms and computer rooms.

+ Reading room:

Students have to present student cards to come in. If students miss their cards, they can write names and grades. 
HUBT library is spacious and quiet, so it is considered an ideal place for students to study and research. Numerous excellent essays of former students are arranged corresponding to each faculty. Also, there have old financial magazines. Moreover, it is free to for students to find and read.

+ Computer room:

Students can access Internet.
It is equipped with air-conditioned and 30 modern computers.
Students can use basic and advanced applications. Most computers are well protected, so they can freely surf web after each restart. 
Although connection is always available, IE access is not stable.

There are 4 dictionary software in common and specialized. Additionally, there are e-books of numerous genres, most of which are available on Internet (about 4G)

- Floor 10:

HUBT library owns thousand titles of all subjects, mainly in economy. It is helpful for student to study and research references beyond HUBT curriculum.
If students have 50K cards (refundable for students), they can borrow books. Particularly, students can borrow books from registration to graduation.

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