British Embassy in Vietnam visit Hanoi University of Business and Technology

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British Embassy in Vietnam visit Hanoi University of Business and Technology

15:05 - 04-05-2018
On 15th November 2017, Hanoi University of Business and Technology was honored to welcome Mr. Giles Lever - British Ambassador in Vietnam to visit and work. Along with him there are also representatives of the British Council and full-time ambassadors. 
Welcoming the ambassadors and delegations, on the side of the School Board, there are: Ph.D. Do Que Luong - Vice Rector; Vice Rector Tran Duc Minh. Representatives of English Language Training Centers including: Prof. Nguyen Trong Dan - Director of the English Language Testing Center; Assoc. Phan Van Que - Dean of Master of English; MSc. Nguyen Manh Hung - Dean of English A1; MS. Pham Minh Cuong - Dean of Basis of English; MS. Duong Cam Tu - Dean of English A2; Mr. Nguyen Ba Phuc - Deputy Head of International Relations Department with representatives of teachers and students of the university.

Representative of the Board of Management, faculties, departments, welcome center Mr. Giles Lever - British Ambassador in Vietnam. Photo by Communication Center 

Giles Lever joined the Foreign Office in 1990 and has spent many positions in Africa, the Middle East and North Africa. He is particularly experienced in East Asia, having worked in Vietnam (in the 1990s) and Japan. From 1993 to 1997, he held the position of Second Secretary (Political Affairs) at the British Embassy (Hanoi). With the appointment of the British Government, in July 2014, he formally accepted the mission, becoming the British Ambassador in Vietnam.

Ph.D. Do Que Luong - Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Business and Technology. Photo by Communication Center 

At the meeting, Ph.D. Do Que Luong - Vice Rector was very pleased when the Ambassador and the delegation visited, worked and exchanged with leaders and students of the school. He also suggested that the Ambassador pay attention to three main issues. These are: Support and assistance in sending volunteer teachers to teach short-term programs (1-2 weeks) at Hanoi University of Business and Technology so that students have the opportunity to study, more English communication; Assign English language trainers to share, guide, and improve English teaching methods for greater effectiveness; Consider introducing universities and organizations supporting international students in the UK to have training programs, scholarships and employment schemes suitable for students to study that help students will be studied in abroad by themselves or by scholarship.

Exchange program of the British Ambassador with students of Hanoi University of Business and Technology. Photo by Communication Center 

Speaking at the meeting, the British Ambassador thanked the warm welcome of the Board of Management, teachers and students for him and the delegation. He said, "... In 2015, I was very honored to visit the school. And today, after two years, was back to visit the school, I saw the school has many changes, spacious, more modern. At present, the economic, trade and education cooperation between Vietnam and the UK in general and between universities in the UK and in Vietnam in general is expanding and developing strongly. I am very supportive of that cooperation, especially in the fields of education and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The British Embassy will assist the school in introducing talented professionals from UK universities to foster and share best practices and teaching methods for faculty and students soon...".

Mr. Gille Lever - British Ambassador to Vietnam speaking at the program.
Photo by Communication Center 

During the exchange with students of the courses, the Ambassador introduced the country, people and universities of the UK. The UK is one of the countries with many famous universities in the world. According to statistics, in the top 100 universities in the world, the UK has 19 universities, academies on this list. International students have a great deal of opportunities to study in UK schools, helping students integrate and adapt quickly.
According to the statistics, Vietnam is one of ten countries receiving many valuable scholarships from organizations and universities in the UK as well as in the world. The Ambassador wishes you all the students of the Hanoi University of Business and Technology after graduating. You can apply to join this scholarship program. In addition, universities in the UK also have a number of university-level associate degree programs between UK universities and universities in Vietnam. The Ambassador also promised to support the Hanoi University of Business and Technology to build a cooperative relationship and share a training program with universities in the UK. The Ambassador also addressed the students: "... When I was in college, I studied Greek philosophy. A philosopher has a very famous sentence: Learning is not a fill of knowledge in the human mind but it gives us more fire to create the fire, discover the knowledge, new Horizons. Society today has a lot of new knowledge and change due to the continuous development of science - technology. It is important in the present context that university education is not the knowledge that you are learning and the learning style of each of us must learn how to always grow. These are the greatest advantages that universities in the UK can bring to you. One important thing I want to tell you is learning English as it is a global language that will help you a lot in your future work. "


Some students have boldly asked good questions to the Ambassador such as: "How to learn English well?"; "What is the difference in British and Vietnamese lifestyle?" Or "What factors do we need to study at a UK university? How to win a scholarship? "; "After graduation from the UK, do Vietnamese students have the chance to find a job there?" And some other related questions. The ambassador is happy to have many students who wish to learn about the country, to study and study at British universities.

Some pictures of the exchange:


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