Reviewing 03 scientific research projects of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Electronics

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Reviewing 03 scientific research projects of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Electronics

16:01 - 04-05-2018

Implementation of the plan on scientific research activities in 2018 of Hanoi University of Business and Technology (HUBT), on March 15th, 2018, at meeting room A - The Scientific Council of the University has approved the outline Scientific Research, Grassroots Initiatives in 2018 of Faculty of Engineering - Electronics by Prof. Dinh Van Tien - Vice Rector of HUBT organized.

Attending the meeting were leaders of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Electronics and other units and functional departments in the university.

Prof. Dinh Van Tien - Vice Rector presided over the review of the topic of scientific research. Photo by Communication Center 

3D Printers machine, Next Generation Robots and Autonomous Vehicles are issues that Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Electronics has begun to approach in research and teaching. With the aim of enriching the scientific research of Hanoi University of Business and Technology in the direction of applied science, serving the socio-economic reality in order to build the direction of research and teaching. The Department has followed the trend of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Faculty has registered 03 research projects at the school level on the application of 3D printing technology, specifically as follows:

Topic 1: Innovative research, manufacturing 3D printer processing products with high durability and high degree of finishing by MSc. Le Hoang Long at Mechanical and Electronics Lab. The main subject of the topic is 03 3D printers have the size of processing (200 x 200mm), larger than the current size of the current 3D printer (170 x 170mm), capable of printing products with durability. mechanical, thermal strength (up to 200 degrees Celsius), much larger than today's popular printers (less than 100 degrees Celsius), tightness and surface finish of the product. Directly applied on some general machine structure and automobile in particular. The subject will be realistic, will provide the Faculty with some 3D printers to carry out scientific research topics of the Faculty, and at the same time can make a number of specific and useful products. The products of this topic are meant to offer to businesses and units with the prospect of selling some 3D printers.

Topic 2: Application of 3D printing technology and solar energy in design and manufacture of agricultural drying equipment and medicinal herbs of MSc. Duong Minh Hai at the Digital Simulation Laboratory. The objective of the project is to design and manufacture drying equipment for agricultural products, using solar energy in hybrid mode. The controller is programmed for each drying mode, equipped with a variety of temperature and humidity sensors, which help ensure the quality of the drying and help the system less dependent on the weather. The subject is evaluated with realistic and high practical significance. The subject combines 3D printing technology with solar thermal and solar cells. With such superior features, the product is expected to have a place in the market in the near future.

Topic 3: Application of 3D Printing Technology and Speech Recognition Technology to Design Robot Receptionist by MSc. Pham Cong Dung at Robot Lab and Automation. With the aim of designing and manufacturing 01 robot samples, we can answer questions about enrollment, school history, etc. In this application, 3D printing technology is used to reduce the cost of manufacturing mechanical parts of the robot. , easy to change robot shapes and flexible speech recognition system. This is a topic in the direction of researching intelligent robot, necessary to put into training program on robot in Hanoi University of Business and Technology. The product of the topic is capable of offering to some supermarkets, restaurants, schools, service agencies

Prof. Dinh Van Tien - Vice Rector remarked and highly appreciated the achievements in scientific research of the faculty of Mechanics - Electronics in the past years, encouraging young lecturers to actively participate in this activity. These are the topics needed to study in order to improve the effectiveness of scientific research and teaching quality of the school. He also suggested that the Committee evaluate the difference and make comments so that the leaders of the initiative can well carry out their scientific tasks and believe that the research work will be achieved. Many achievements in the academic year 2018 - 2019.


Review of the theme of scientific research and grassroots initiative in 2018 of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Electronics. Photo by Communication Center

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