Eco car KING KONG in Honda Eco Mileage Challenge

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Eco car KING KONG in Honda Eco Mileage Challenge

14:06 - 06-01-2015

Honda Vietnam organized “Eco Mileage Challenge” (EMC) to increase the awareness of fuel-saving and environmental protection especially among young generation; to stimulate creativity and teamwork, and to create useful playground for future generations. After more than half a year, the Final took place at the National Conference Center, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi in the morning 23/3. It is the first time Faculty of Mechatronics HUBT has participated EMC with Eco car KING KONG.

EMC originated from Japan in 1981, which aimed to save fuel and protect the environment and it has gone through 33 years. Until now, it has been organized in not only Japan but also other Asian countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam. With the slogan "How far can you go with 1 liter of petrol?", the record was set 3,644.86 km/liter at the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge 2011.

Members of Eco car KINH KONG

EMC was first held by Honda Vietnam in 2010. After 4 years, it has gained considerable successes and increased the number of teams. 2013 marked the superior results compared to previous years with 95 teams; the highest achievement of the vehicle was more than 1,000 km/liter. This year, EMC is held with two separate categories including hand-made vehicle market vehicle.

Teams have to apply technology and unique ideas to make their vehicle go as far as possible using 4 cycle engines (Honda Wave 110cc engine) with 1 liter of petrol. HUBT team have candidate No.141, which are students from Faculty of Mechatronics, including:

Instructor: Le Hoang Long 
Leader: Nguyen Duy Cuu 
Driver: Nguyen Ba Giang 
Technicians: Ta Quang Doanh, Nguyen Van Phuc, Le Quang Hung, Nguyen Hong Quan, Tran Ngoc Tu.

KING KONG is 2900 x 850 x 750mm and made of stainless steel, plastic composite shell, carburetor of lawn mower and 4-stroke engine of Wave 110cc. In addition, the engine is partly modified and it was continuously improved after each test in both Vinh Tuy and Tu Son Campus. The day before the Final 22/3, KINH KONG powered at 250km/liter speed with 4 accelerations in 1200m round. On the official day 23/3, it reached 3 accelerations per round. However, after the 6th round was nearly completed, loose screws of driving components made the chain fail to load, which resulted in KING KONG knocked out. After the competition, HUBT learned numerous experiences, i.e. double check the vehicle before start, and they desired to win next year.


Leader Nguyen Duy Cuu gave sincere thanks to President Tran Phuong for approval, encouragement and financial supports; to teachers in Faculty of Mechatronics, Office Administration, Department of Student Affairs, Youth Union, Student Association, Department of Shipping Services, Department of Vehicle and Architecture Club for supporting teams from the idea development to testing. Honda Eco Mileage Challenge is considered a useful playground where participants combine creativity, imagination and understanding of technology to vehicles of fuel efficiency in order to enhance the awareness of environmental protection. Through EMC, HUBT have a chance to compete with other universities and learn a lot of practical knowledge, as well as summarizing the experience, applying knowledge to practice. Although the result has not been as expected, KINH KONG showed the creativity and efforts of HUBT team. It cannot be denied that EMC is a platform HUBT will achieve new developments.

Tran Nguyet Van Hai
Communications Center 


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