Ten 2012 Highlights

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Ten 2012 Highlights

09:53 - 07-01-2015

10 Highlights in 2012

1. Improvement of Education Qualities. This is one of the most remarkable achievements with the contribution of Managing Board, lecturers and students:
- At the beginning of new academic year, professional activities themed "Improve Education Qualities" and "Improve the Quality of Training Management and Facilities Preservation" in January 2012 were held at departments directly under Managing Board. Both activities attracted almost staffs’ participation.
- Contents covered from the supplement and adjustment of training programs to innovation of teaching methods, HUBT culture, and enhancement of accountability and education quality, promotion of personality in professional activities themed "Improve of Education Qualities" for the sake of young generations.

2. Development of Strategy (2012 - 2015 until 2020). Under the government of the President, strategy development parallel to professional activities themed "Improvement of Education Qualities" mobilized intellectuals from Board of Directors, Managing Board, leaders, organizations, scientists and staffs.
The strategy had 3 stages following: Phase I (1996 - 2006): HUBT was presented with the Third Class Labor Medal by the Government, Phase II (2007 - 2011): HUBT was presented with the Second Class Labor Medal; Phase III (since 2012): HUBT maintained and promoted achievements to “Make HUBT one of the tops regarding education quality in application-oriented universities in Vietnam”.

3. Improvement of Organization and Teaching Staffs. HUBT opened new faculties such as Faculty of Applied Arts, International Standard English Test Center and Vietnamese Study, as well as increasing the number and quality of teaching staffs pursuant to Circular No.57 by MOET to guarantee annual enrollment targets.
As of 31/12/2012, HUBT had 1,012 officials including lecturers and managers, staffs and experts.
Especially, HUBT increased by 491 official lecturers, which increased the total number of official lecturers to 1,012 including 21 professors (2.8%), 39 associate professors (3.8%), 66 doctors (6.5%), 337 masters (33.0%) and 549 bachelors (54.2%, mainly from Faculty of English and Faculty of Information Technology).

4. Focus on Urgent Tasks and Facilities Modernization (2012 – 2013).
- Focus on construction progress
- Move Lac Trung to Vinh Tuy Campus
- Upgrade classrooms at Vinh Tuy and return facilities to Lac Trung Campus
- Purchase facilities and enhance training methods
- Reorganize working places.
It is important that above-mentioned tasks should be paid great attention to mitigate loss and guarantee labor safety. Such highlights express the creativeness and responsibility of HUBT under the government of Managing Board.
The completion of Vinh Tuy Campus marked a new development and terminated campus lease. From now on, all students can enjoy modern campus of HUBT.

5. Charity Activities. From 15 to 18/04/2012, Dr. Tran Cong Bay as Vice President led HUBT delegation and visited educational units in Ha Giang. Department of Education and Training and Trade Union of Ha Giang warmly welcomed the delegation and sent HUBT's presents to teachers and students in remote areas, including 4,500 notebooks and over 700 kg of clothing, school supplies and domestic utensils to Vi Xuyen, Bac Quang and Dong Van District. Particularly, Dong Van District was sponsored 80 million VND to construct schools and public service houses.
6. HUBT Party Held a Congress to summarize activities in the last term, to praise and reward members with outstanding achievements in Party Construction, and to set targets, as well as appointing Executive Committee term 2012 – 2015, Dr. Nguyen Minh Cuong as Vice President was elected a Party Secretary.

7. Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Held a Meeting to evaluate performances, to set targets, and to appoint Executive Committee period 2012 - 2015. In addition, Youth Union successfully organized Green Summer Campaign in Truong Son Commune, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh Province, built 2 volleyball courts and sponsored 40 million VND to Nghi Hai, Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province, cleaned the beach and helped underprivileged households.
Furthermore, HUBT union members participated blood donation with 1,600 units.
Mr.Tran Huu Hanh was voted a Secretary and Ms. Ta Kim Dung, Nguyen Thi Van Khanh and Nguyen Quang Vinh as Deputy Secretary.

8. Development of International Cooperation. This is the cooperation agreement between HUBT and Lao PDR and Cambodia. The admission of Laos and Cambodia students to HUBT showed the friendship among 3 Indochinese countries with the tradition in the construction and defense of country. HUBT built facilities and organized academic performance for nearly 50 undergraduates and pre-postgraduates of 2 countries.
This year, HUBT also signed a cooperation agreement with Australia's Swinbeen University in the field of Industrial Arts.

9. "Students Cultural and Sport Village” in Tan Vinh Commune, Luong Son District, Hoa Binh Province on 12/18/2012. It is the large-scale construction prepared over the last 10 years regarding procedures. The construction was deployed on an area of 10 hectares, including many items of cultures and sports. Especially, there had the area of vocational training for young people and workers in Hoa Binh as well as Northwests.
From now until 7/2013, HUBT intend to complete Driving Training Center. This is a great opportunity for young people in general and our students in particular. As a result, students should obtain driving licenses in addition to English and Computer Science certificate.

10. The Chairman of Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association Paid a Visit to HUBT. HUBT President as the chairman welcomed Mr. Buyanov V. P. as the Chairman of Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association; the Delegation of Russian Federation led by Prime Minister Lebedev went to Vietnam and visited HUBT. Many teachers and staffs who used to study and work in Soviet Union and Russia attended the meeting. Everyone had an opportunity to remember memories, Soviet people, the people of Russia, and never forget teacher-student friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union as well as Russia.
The two parties discussed training cooperation, and then justified the establishment of Russia - Vietnam Social - Humanities University. The Russians invited our President to the founders’ side.

                                                     Dr. Nguyen Kim Son
                                                      (Chief of HUBT Office) 

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