HUBT Water Purifier


HUBT Water Purifier

14:34 - 08-01-2014

27/03/2013, the President Tran Phuong and Vice President Tran Cong Bay visited Purified Water Factory. Pr., Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuan as Dean of Faculty of Electrical - Electronics and experts showed the President and Vice President processes of underground water mining, treatment, purification, metal reduction, bottling and labeling.

It is known that the number of HUBT’s staffs and students is increasing. Every year, the cost of purified water exceeds 200-300 million VND. From Green Summer in 2012, Faculty of Electrical - Electronics obtained the permission from Managing Board to produce purified water. As a result, Purified Water Factory was constructed at Building B near Building C.

In addition, the factory obtained license from Hanoi Department of Health. According to Mr. Phuc, it has capacity of 500L/h (4,000L/day). Water quality conforms to standards by Ministry of Health thanks to water filtered through 3 cylinders containing charcoal, cation and anion. Mr. Phuc measured metal levels in water under the witness of the President and Vice President (allowed reliability: <10). How great the results are!

- Water: 283
- Bottled purified water Miru: 4
- Purified water by HUBT's factory: 2

After the President and Vice President learned about techniques for bottle washers, bottling machine, etc, the President satisfied and promised providing free drinking water for staffs and students if they are responsible for containers.

From the above-mentioned points, it can’t be denied that Purified Water Factory is the creativeness and work of Faculty of Electrical-Electronics and its training programme is consistent with the trend in development of Vietnam. 

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