Introduction to Faculty of State Management

Faculty of State Management

Introduction to Faculty of State Management

00:00 - 10-12-2014
 State Management Programme provides students with knowledge in state management.

- Knowledge:

+ Government and law, management science, administrative science and state management.
+ Office and personnel management, administrative operations and communications.

- Skills:

+ Management and organization skills: Development of plans and office activities; work assignment; development of cooperation mechanisms and inspection and evaluation for activities of individuals and departments.
+ Personnel management skills: Job analysis, HR planning, performance evaluation, job motivation and personnel development, remuneration for employees. + Professional skills: Information management, document management and storage, and office management, organizing meetings or reception.
+ Administrative procedure skills in such domains as civil status, land management and authentication.
+ Analysis and evaluation skills for administrative problems; negotiation skills in public administration and effective communication.
+ Management science research, public administration science and other studies.

- Qualifications:

Graduates are characterized by disciplined, objective and responsible for administrative tasks and state management.

- Position:

Graduates assume such positions as executive managers, administrative officials for public and private sectors, social and political organizations.
+ Officials and experts in central and local governments.
+ Administrative officials; general secretary; record keepers.
+ Office managers (Chief/Deputy Chief of Office, Head/Deputy Head of Administration Department); advisors, assistants ...
+ Researchers and lecturers in Departments of Government Management under universities, colleges, etc.
Moreover, graduates from State Management are eligible for Master or Doctorate Programme (Public Administration).

- Training period: 4 years (48 months)

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