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Tu Son Campus

00:00 - 10-12-2014

Currently, Hanoi University of Business and Technology has Tu Son Campus, nearly 24,8km from Vinh Tuy Campus, with ​​over 100,000 m2. It is expected that Tu Son Campus will be expanded more than Vinh Tuy Campus because of including dormitory, amusement and sport parks, tourist base, and famous landscapes. Especially, the doorway to Tu Son Campus is never flooded and obstructed.

Doorway to Tu Son Campus.


     Tu Son Campus borders with Gia Lam district (Hanoi) to the southwestern and borders with Dong Anh district (Hanoi) to the west. Tu Son town is located between Hanoi and Bac Ninh and also a cultural and politic center of old Bac Ninh.

Tu Son harnessing project 

  Tu Son is as busy as Hanoi with over 143,843 people. The population density is 2,345 persons/km², which means 2 times, 1.8 times, 1.2 times larger than Red River delta, Hai Phong, new Hanoi, respectively. Particularly, it is one of the most populous towns of Vietnam.

    Tu Son is regarded as a satellite city of Hanoi and gateway of Bac Ninh, and one of two centers of economy, culture and education of Bac Ninh. Tu Son is an industrial city with numerous industrial parks, famous traditional villages as Da Hoi, Dong Ky, Phu Khe, Mai Dong, etc. and there are many colleges and universities as Hanoi University Physical Education and Sports (now Bac Ninh University Physical Education and Sports), Bac Ha Technology College, Fisheries College, College of Industrial Economic Management, College of Medicine ... and Tu Son Campus under HUBT (in addition to Vinh Tuy Campus in Hanoi).

Area of Scientific and Technical Research. Tu Son Administration District.

The name Tu Son originated from The Tran Dynasty. The Later Le Dynasty, Tu Son was given to a ministry under Kinh Bac, including districts as Tien Du, Yen Phong, Que Duong, Dong Ngan, Vu Ninh, Dong Ngan corresponds to an area of ​​Tu Son (Bac Ninh) and a part of Dong Anh, Gia Lam (Hanoi). Until The Nguyen Dynasty, Tu Son belonged to Bac Ninh.

Famous landscape

      • Bang Communal House
      • Dan Pagoda
      • Do Temple
      • Tieu Pagoda
      • Tram Gian Pagoda (Tam Son)
      • Dam Temple
       Famous persons:
      • Ly Thai To
      • Ly Thai Tong
      • Van Hanh as a Bonze
      • Cuu Chi as a Bonze
      • Ly Nhan Tong
      • Ly Thanh Tong
      • Nguyen Quan Quang
      • Ngo Mien Thieu
      • Dam Tuong Cong
      • Nguyen Gian Thanh
      • Dam Quoc Su
      • Ngo Gia Tu
      • Ngo Gia Kham
      • Nguyen Van Cu
      • Le Quang Dao
      • Tran Duc Thao
      • Ho Tien Nghi
      • Nguyen Danh Thai
      • Phan Dinh Quy

Bang Village Hall.

Dong Ky Festival

Ly Khanh Van Tomb Tower.

It is expected that Tu Son will become a satellite city of Hanoi and have new universities and colleges as well as hospitals. In addition, students can register accommodation in dormitory at Tu Son Campus.

Communication activities on Tu Son Campus.

   Hanoi, May 2013
Nguyen Duy Tan (Department of Student Affairs)


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