International Cooperation Master Programme

Master Programme

International Cooperation Master Programme

10:26 - 11-12-2014

International Cooperation Master Programme have been obtained the permission pursuant to Decision No. 5503/QD-BGDDT and Decision No. 251/QD-BGDDT by Ministry of Education and Training




I. Introduction:

a. I- Shou University (ISU)
- ISU includes academies: Science and Technology Academy, Communication Electromechanics Academy, Management Academy, Medicine Academy, Language - Communication Academy, International Academy, etc. ISU has modern hospitals, 5 star hotels, and supermarkets for probationary students.
- 87% of teaching staffs are professors and doctorates trained in the United States and European countries. The curriculum are based on "theory parallels to practice" HUBT's curriculum employ both Chinese and English.
- According to 2010 ranking of universities and academies worldwide, ISU stands the 561st globally, the 61st in Asia, the 12nd in 174 Taiwan universities.

b. National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science (KUAS)
- Founded in 1963, KUAS has become a leading university in the fields of economy, science and technology, with 500 lecturers of academic titles and experiences. KUAS has the largest number of Vietnamese students studying in Chinese or English.
- KUAS is located at the center of Kaohsiung city, convenient transportation. There has a commercial center near KUAS, which makes it convenient for students’ daily life. Now KUAS has 16 majors: Business Administration, Industrial Management, Applied Engineering, Electrical - Electronics, Law, Economics, Information Management, Finance, Linguistics, etc.

II. Program

- Training cooperation:
  + Master of Business Administration and Master of Finance granted by I- Shou University
  + Master of Industrial Management granted by National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science
- Period: 18 months beyond business hours
- Language: English  (Vietnamese support)
- Materials: By professors from Foreign Universities and HUBT.

III. Requirements:

- Univeristy graduate (of all majors)
- English certificate: B2 following European standards or passing an entrance test.
- Tuition for all semesters: + I- Shou University: 5,2 thousands USD.
- National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science: 5 thousands USD      

IV. Documents:
+ Registration statement
+ English University transcript and certificate
+ English certificate of B2, TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS (if any)
+ English copy with Birth certificate
+ Formatted Curriculum Vitae (CV)
+ 2 photos (4x6) with full name and date of birth
+ 2 stamped envelops with contacts
* Fee for document reviewing: 30USD
* Fee for English test: 30USD
* Expense for probation and thesis defense in Taiwan before graduation: about 200USD (excluding plane ticket)

V. Oppportunity

- Graduates will be granted Master of Business Administration, Master of Financial Management, Master of Industrial Management;
- Improving English skills;
- Finding Ph.D schoolarship at 2 above universities and others in Taiwan and other countries.

VI. Registration and application date:

- Registration date: Continuous admissions
- Duration for test and training of English entrance: right after registration date.
- Beginning a new term: Continuous start

Contact us:
At Hanoi: Foreign Training Cooperation Center
Address: Office A1.17-A1.18, no. 29A, gate 124 Vĩnh Tuy, Hai Ba Trung Dist, HN
Tel: (04) 36335286;   Fax: (04) 36335283
0939. 136. 136;   019. 1907. 2096

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