An Alumnus Earns Billions VND by Mobile Trading


An Alumnus Earns Billions VND by Mobile Trading

15:27 - 12-01-2015

Nguyen Hoang Giang, the owner of Mango Mobile.

For fans of page, nickname HoangGiang731989 has become familiar because of good advice on mobile products. He is Nguyen Hoang Giang, who is a final-year student of Hanoi University of Business and Technology, also the owner of Mango Mobile in Dai La Street, Hanoi.

"Kicked" from his own company
Giang is specialized in Business Administration. He established useful soft skill clubs from the second academic year. Fortunately, Giang met seniors and learned from their experiences. With technology enthusiasm, Giang had nearly two-year experience in mobile phone before starting up. In addition, some article of him was posted on, a popular technology forum. Moreover, Giang used to make offline promotions for LG Vietnam. Therefore, Giang received customers' supports when opening his shop.

However, Giang confesses that he started-up without any experience. "In fact, no one teaches us how to rent houses, to compose contracts, to obtain business license, to market online, and to satisfy customers, etc. We have to learn by ourselves", said Giang. The first mobile shop was the cooperation between Giang and his friend but it operated more than one year only. Initially, the shop was busy and profitable, but then there was a conflict between two sides. Consequently, after more than one year, the conflict was so big that Giang had to leave with only 17 millions vnd.

Giang says that he was down due to loss of belief, friend, money, and everything he had built. After that, Giang draw profound experiences for himself: "First, money can make even a good friend. Second, we often prefer capital contribution at start-up; however, it may result in conflict and separations due to both sides fail to reach an agreement. Hence, if you can not start-up by yourselves, what you should do is to find a solution in case of conflicts".

"Valuable" personal brand
Despite only 17 millions vnd for start-up, his technology passion and belief were unchanged. He knew that markets lacked prestigious shops but he was not aware of market demands and customer attitude. Giang came to his hometown (Nam Dinh) and borrowed money from his parents to open Mango Mobile. After one night, Giang convinced his parents of selling the plot next to his house for 100 million vnd as start-up capital.

It was reliability that helped him persuaded his parents. Giang used to run a club of 40 students; he won the first prize in "Youth Connection" contest on VTV6 and he worked as an assistant for director in holiday summer, all of which helped his family trusted in him. Giang says, "We should be willing to learn, take responsibility and determine". The first time to Mango, I met a young man with a pair of glasses and I thought he was a technician. However, the intelligence, self-confidence, professional, humorous and sincere style made me "doubted" if Giang mastered Mango. Giang's behaviors become the culture of the shop where both employer and employees are students.

Giang says, "Our customers are considered not only God but also friends and I never put emphasis on profits. Although there are many tricks in telephone shops, it is clear in Mango. We do not cheat customers and offer them as well as possible, so employees feel comfortable. Such behaviors increase value and confidence in each person".

Billions VND/month

I went to Mango in a late afternoon; a less than 20 m2 shop was busy. Some people went to purchase, many went for warranty, and others just visited and talked for hours. Giang said that the majority of items were fast-sold in active business periods. Mango’s revenue was about 1 billion vnd/month, except for monthly expenses, the profit was from 50 to 70 millions vnd, which seemed to be "relatively high" for a student; however, it may be the lowest among mobile shops in Hanoi".

“Although such South Korean series as Sky and Take have become very popular in Vietnam recently, those mobile phones have errors because they are local products. For that reason, I opened a forum to support customers; however, many people preferred coming to our shop for further support. Tired as we were, we felt happy", said Giang.

"We are young and ambitious, we can win money power"

Giang said, “Many shops have numerous tricks for tremendous profits, even dozen times more than Mango. I strongly believe that it cannot exist in the era when the smarter consumers become, the less "chickens" are. Although Mango is small, prestige is the foundation for our future development". After more than one year, Giang can give full management rights to employees to prepare for his new plans. According to Giang, the tip is to have a best remuneration based on small-sized business operation. Additionally, it is important to know how to build close teams, to empower and to make employees respected and proud.

Regarding marketing strategies, Giang focuses on online marketing. Marketing should be implemented only when enterprises have worked effectively. Marketing without good customer strategies will be counterproductive. If you give customers bad service, eventually you will get bad reputations. Mango with a youthful and comfortable business style has begun to create a reputation and credibility among young people. It is expected that a modern and prestigious business method will be widely applied in the near future. We can hope that "step by step operations" will benefit Vietnamese consumers and support his big dreams. Let's wish Giang and Mango greater developments in the future.

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