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15:03 - 15-01-2015

Sharing of a Manageress-Sharing of a Bachelor of Business Administration, who is following Master Programme Class 4

Today is an important day in my life because I get the second highest score to Master Programme, Faculty of Postgraduate, Hanoi University of Business and Technology. When studying at university, I planned to attend Master Programme and now it is Class 4. In fact, I am too busy with work from 8am to 9, 10pm, family business, my own company and a cafe.

I was born in Thanh Hoa, my family has 3 brothers and sisters. My mother was a worker in a garment factory but retired due to disability. My father was a soldier; however, until growing up, I knew my father was wounded. 

Have you ever eaten porridge instead of rice as you was three yet? Have you ever eaten sweet potatoes with pickled egg-plants instead of rice? It was my childhood. My father worked far from home and returned only a few days each year so my mother looked after us. We had never been bought new clothes. Every year, 30th New Year, my mother made new clothes for us. My family was very poor and my mother had to work hard; therefore, I did all work to help my mother such as selling snacks in front of school entrance. Despite of hard work, we could not afford our lives.

I failed Bachelor and College Examination after school. Luckily, I passed an examination to Hanoi University of Management and Business next year. Although HUMB is a people-founded university with the highest tuition at that time (2 million VND/period), it has been regarded as a good university. I wondered it was a good environment for my future career.

During four years at HUMB, I held such positions as a Monitor, Youth Union Secretary, and Deputy Chief of Autonomy Grade 6. I borrowed money from friends to carry on business on newspapers, stationery, laundry services. As a result, I was presented with Kawai 3 times. Particularly, I honored to be one of two out of 3,000 students Class 6A admitted to Party.

In the 8th semester, Faculty of Business Administration organized a discussion between Grade 6 and Mr. Nguyen Huu Khai, General Director of Bao Long Pharmaceutical Group. I wrote four-page questions to him and he answered most of my questions. When the discussion finished, I offered him flowers and he gave me business card. I worked for this Group about few months after university.

After that, I moved to other companies. 8/2008, I established Training and Human Resource Supply Company. Additionally, I was hired as a director for New & Nice Creative Joint Stock Company. Also, I opened a cafe named after my son “Hung Coffee” at 445 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. Welcome teachers and students to Hung Coffee! 

I am proud to be a student from Hanoi University of Management and Business. I would like to send my sincere thanks for Ban Xuan, Mr. Pham Bac Dao and other teachers...

I want to share students with my experience for success. In my opinion, knowledge in universities is essential because it is the foundation for us to solve all problems. In other words, if we want to build a house, we must have a solid foundation first, then bricks.

In this 21st century, I believe no knowledge no gains. For ex, Bill Gates is rich but he did not graduate from university; however, he learned from life, family, friends and society. Therefore, it is not true that the second-richest American billionaire who does not go to university is rich and famous. To be successful, you should: First, learn from others and your owns. In addition, sensitivity and creativeness are important. Otherwise, you will lose opportunities; Second, tolerate because anyone makes mistakes. You know, if you tolerate, complex things will become simple, large errors turn into small, minor errors turn into no errors; Third, do not harm anybody; Last, transmit your aspirations to others.

                                                                       Nguyen Thi Hanh
                                                                        Master Programme Class 4
                                                                        (BA of Business Administration Class QL627)

                                                                             (Communications Center)

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