Introduction to Faculty of Russian

Introduction to Faculty of Russian

01:57 - 15-12-2014


Faculty of Russian was established pursuant to Decision No. 232/QD-BGH dated 20/6/2013 and has operated under the government of Managing Board. Faculty of Russian teaches Russian for Economy - Business in order to meet needs of society and HUBT departments. 
In addition to train Bachelors of Russian, Faculty of Russian teaches Russian as a foreign language for International Cooperation Programme in the Russian Federation.



Faculty of Russion operates under the government of Managing Board with the following functions:
- Train Bachelors of Russian.
- Manage students specialized in Russian.


- Develop Russian for Economy-Business curriculum.
- Develop curriculum for students attending International Cooperation Programme in Russia, Belarusian and Ukraine.
- Develop Russian for Tourism curriculum for tourism development programme between Vietnam - Russia and vice versa.
- Coordinate with regions of Russian tourism potential in order to offer short-term Russian courses specialized in tourism and business.
- Participate in the establishment of Humanities University in Moscow.
- Improve relations with Department of Culture under Russian Embassy, Russian Culture Center in Hanoi according to Foreign Affairs principles to develop and supplement the curriculum.
- Participate in research plans of HUBT.
- Manage lectures.
- Coordinate with other faculties to solve management and training related affairs.


Currently, Faculty of Russian has senior lectures including 2 doctorates, 4 masters, other masters who do not work as lectures at HUBT, and Russian lectures at Russian Culture and Science Centre as well as Russian students at HUBT.

Nguyen XuanSonAssoc. Prof., Dr.Dean
2Phung TrongToanDr.Vice-Dean
3Dang Thi LanPhuongM.A.Assistant
4Do ThiNhungChairwomanAssistant
5Lai Thi HongHanhM.A.Lecture
6Nguyen Thi HaiYenM.A.Lecture
7Pham MyLinhM.A.Lecture
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