Professor delegation of Hawaii University visits and works at our university

International Cooperate

Professor delegation of Hawaii University visits and works at our university

20:30 - 17-01-2015

In the morning of 5/6 at the meeting room A205 of Ha Noi Technology and Business University, Professor delegation of Hawaii University had visited and worked at our university. For receiving the delegation, with the attendance of the representative of School managing board, Headmaster, Professor, Tran Phuong; Deputy Headmaster, Doctor, Le Khac Doa; Mr, Nguyen Xuan Dau – International relation department; Chief of the secretariat, Doctor, Nguyen Kim Son with the representative of departments and offices, Mr, Hoang Xuan Lam – Director of Media Center; Mr, Vu Tuan Dung – Vice director of Media center with the members of the Science council on training English.

(Overall working session for receiving the professor delegation of Haiwaii University)

For professor delegation of Hawaii University, with the attendance of Mr.Donald Young – the dean of Education University; Associate Professor, Phan Le Ha; Professor, Marie Iding – Education psychology; Professor and President of Curtis Ho – Education Technology Office; Loan Le – Co-ordinator of International Program.

 (Guest representatives of Hawaii University)

Hawaii  Teaching University belonged to 1 of 18 education system of Hawaii. The goal of the working session of delegation who visited and worked at our university was to build the cooperative relation for exploiting the part of International cooperation with the 3 outstanding contents:

- Exchanging the students, lecturers between two universities, appointing the teacher to help our university.

- Enhancing to upgrade the level of the teacher, Hawaii University always wanted to upgrade the level of English with the high level of MA and Doctor.

- The program was to issue the general degree, helping the students who studied in the university with the suitable scholarship.

The receiving day with the professor delegation of Hawaii University that was very successful, two parties exchanged all issues and wanted to further cooperation with each other in the coming time, the scholarship issue in Hawaii University – America that was also the concerned issue for student, we wanted Hawaii University to consider this issue and created the favor condition to help them and response to our university in the earliest time.

Tran Khanh Linh
Editorial board of Media Center 

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