Sharing of a student from People-founded University


Sharing of a student from People-founded University

21:08 - 17-01-2015

(Dan Tri) - In 1998, I went to Hanoi University of Business and Technology. I was born in a poor family, my father was wounded 2/4, my mother worked on farm. When I received notification, I was not happy because people said that I learned so bad that I went to a People-founded University...” I wondered a people-founded university opened a bright future.

Because of poverty, I had to take a part-time job with 200,000 VND/month at this school. I used to hold many positions and experienced ups and downs. I remember the first day when I receive 40 million VND/month. Although it is not so high compared to that of successful people, I am very happy because my efforts have been recognized. In addition, I was proud to be a student of Hanoi University of Management and Business, now Hanoi University of Business and Technology”.

The writer and the President Tran Phuong

Until now, I remember the President Tran Phuong said “You will become applied economists” on the opening day in 1998.

In my first year, I participated in extra-curricular activities and I did not miss any opportunity by HUBT. I knew Department of Student Recruitments through workshops on employment opportunities, student exchanges with directors, and experience in job interview... I learned a lot of experience and understand more about Department of Student Recruitments. Despite a first-year student, I wanted to work in Department of Student Recruitments in addition to study period.

Luckily, I was admitted to Department of Student Recruitments and worked as an official with 200,000 VND/month. In addition to administrative work, I had opportunity to contact employers, and I proposed to organize job consulting events. These activities helped me become "an experienced businessman". I learned how to communicate with partners; how to achieve contracts; how to organize big events; and how to apply computer skills to work…

"You should embrace any opportunity and develop work plan other than leadership assignment”, said him.

Shortly after graduation with Bachelor of Information Technology in 2012, I got a job in Department of Human Resources and Training, a Vietnamese American Technology Company with 1000 employees. After 15 working days, the Director of Department of HR asked me if I wanted to become a leader. I agreed to work as Head of Department of Human Resources and Training. I managed 20 staffs and trained nearly 4000 employees.

Many people wondered: why a Bachelor of IT worked as Head of Department of HR; why I was appointed as assistant for Chairman of a famous group on Vietnam's stock market; why I did not study press but worked as a "journalist (VTC5 Director)”; why I accompanied the Prime Minister and the President and whether or not I had supporters.

It was Luck and chance. I was an aassistant and now the Director of VTC5 because I had experience in management; I knew how to apply one job to different jobs, and how to create opportunities for myself.

Especially, I have succeeded thanks to not only individual efforts but also my manager, who graduated from a famous university; she knew how to estimate employees based on qualifications other than certificates.

I became a journalist partly thanks to knowledge from Bachelor of Information Technology and the project Develop HUBT website; moreover, I learned from senior journalists. It turns out that many people are bachelors of economics involved in Journalism.

Now, I would like to tell HUBT students that HUBT operates toward the mission of training applied economists, who will hold many positions, apply knowledge to work, and become CEO.

I am surprised at newspapers about myself: “The man “begs a hundred, donate ... billions" in The People's Army Newspaper or “Desire for Charity” in The Capital Security. Sometimes I wonder why a poor student from "a people-founded university" can do charities and so many social activities.

I'm one of the HUBT scholarship students for poor students by The National Fund for Vietnamese Children which gives scholarships to children.

Compared to under-privileged children, the orphan, the disabled, and Agent Orange victims, I found myself fortunate.

was from HUBT, now I am Director. In my opinion: 

- Students should not take advantage of any job opportunity by contacting with teachers, participating in extracurricular activities.

- Those who are going to graduate should have career plans in 1 year: which job do you like most? how is your professional? You should search for job opportunities through channels such as schools, teachers, friends, relatives, the press, internet and company website where you are want to apply, then call or email to Department of HR. Note that “Do the job you like best”.

- You should set future plans and create job opportunities for yourselves and others. In addition to social communications, and interesting things, you should participate in professional experience because it is more interesting than you think.

Thank teachers and friends for listening!

Journalist Nguyen Thanh Liem
(VTC5 Director)

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