Introduction to Faculty of Postgraduate

Institute for Postgraduate

Introduction to Faculty of Postgraduate

10:16 - 19-01-2015

Faculty of Postgraduate

Office: C117, C118, C119, C120
Tel: 04. 36339114 Ext: 101


  • 21/11/2005, the government made a decision No. 300/2005/QD-TTg and allowed Hanoi University of Business and Management (now Hanoi University of Business and Technology) to implement Master Programme.
  • 8/4/2005, the President of HUBT made a decision No. 447/QD-TCCB on the foundation of Faculty of Postgraduate under Managing Board.
  • Therefore, Faculty of Postgraduate was founded and Master Programme Grade 1 (Master of Business Administration) started admissions from 10/2006. Until now, HUBT has experienced 7 grades with 3 majors (Business Administration, Accounting and Finance - Banking), the 2 latters has been assigned by MOET since Grade 6 (2011 – 2013). Generally, there has an increase in both training scales and qualities over years.


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