Discussion to Establish Russia - Vietnam Humanities University

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Discussion to Establish Russia - Vietnam Humanities University

15:24 - 23-01-2015

After signing the agreement on the establishment of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University witnessed by Truong Tan Sang as Vietnamese President and V. Putin as Russian President, afternoon 12/11 and this morning, at A204, the President Tran Phuong and Professor V. P. Buianov attended a meeting. Two parties discussed agreements and plans to establish and construct of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University.

 At the meeting

Prof. V. P. Buianov justified the importance of the agreement. The agreement was signed in the most formal form, which showed two governments' belief in both universities. The mission of two universities is nationwide. It is the place where staffs of 2 countries will be trained. Now, it is important that both universities increase the number of Vietnamese students to Russia in the next 1 and 2 years. Under the protection of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University, two parties can establish Russian Center in Vietnam and public training in ASEAN regarding international relations. Not only senior teachers in Russia but also many teachers in other universities and countries associated with Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy are related to teaching. In particular, it is a good opportunity for Russian lecturers and students to improve their qualifications. This is the main content in the development orientation of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University. Prof. V. P. Buianov said that Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy will soon report to the Government of the Russian Federation to complete procedures of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University. Accordingly, HUBT is regarded as the founder.

Prof. V. P. Buianov is sharing his opinions.

The President Tran Phuong agreed with Prof. V. P. Buianov, and he said that although bilateral relations have experienced some interruptions in the last 20 years, the visit of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin improved the situation. Moreover, the agreement between HUBT and Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy marked a new step in the partnership between two countries regarding culture and education. Our President said "Before the agreement was signed, the relationship between two parties was international relations. After the agreement was signed, the situation changed. Vietnamese has an idiom "two as one" that used to talk about the marriage between a man and woman, between two families. Now our relationship is the same. That we meet each other is not regarded as international friends but two as one". After a meeting with Prof. V. P. Buianov one year ago, HUBT carried out the establishment of Faculty of Russian. It can be considered the implementation of "two as one". Faculty of Russian will become a Russian Center of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University in Vietnam.

The President Tran Phuong is expressing his opinions.

Our President said although there had interruptions over 20 years regarding diplomatic relations, the friendship between Russia and Vietnam is always good and Vietnamese people always consider Russia the largest scientific center in the world . Therefore, two parties should restart to send Vietnamese students to Russia to learn Russian and sciences because it can take more than one year to learn Russian. During the meeting, our President also asked Prof. V. P. Buianov to tell the details such as training levels and fee.

The agreement between two parties.

 Mr. Dao Trong Thi as The Chairman of Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association congratulated on the agreement of both parties. He said the signing of establishment of Vietnam-Russia Institute of Technology had taken 5 years for preparation compared to 1 year of Russia - Vietnam Humanities University. It is a great achievement marking a good start in the cooperation between two parties. He also promised that the Association would support the university.

During the meeting, Chairman of the Association of Vietnam Enterprises - Mr. Han Manh Tien said that sending Vietnam students to Russia to learn Russian is only the first phase. The importance is that graduates can apply for jobs. Therefore, Mr. Han Manh Tien raised 3 suggestions. First, Russia is increasingly growing so there has an increase in the requirement of Russian skills. Hence, if two universities can connect with enterprises, the bilateral trade will be promoted. Second, it is essential to include cultural subjects of the other country. Such subjects attract not only domestic students but also participants from Southeast Asia and Europe. Third, it is necessary to develop Russian Center in Vietnam to become a legal consulting center for enterprises. This center can meet the needs of enterprises and create employments for Vietnamese youths. This should be applied the same as in Russia. 

The meeting finished with specific arrangements, strategic orientations that provide a platform for the training and promote bilateral relations between the two countries, and the development of Russia-Vietnam University of Humanities. 

Tran Nguyet Van Hai
Communications Center

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