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Cooperation Program VIETNAM – JAPAN

08:51 - 23-03-2015

On March 10th 2015  Institute for Business Development of Hanoi University of Business and Technology (INBUS) signed a cooperation agreement with the Company of Information Systems Vietnam (VietIS). An important content in the cooperation is that some Japanese firms (like UT Leading CompanyOutsourcing Technology Companythe Company Recruit Company Global Knowledge ...will recruit new engineers in mechanical engineering and in information technology (ITto work in Japan.

Salaries and other benefits while working in Japan are relatively attractive and entitled under the provisions of Japanincluding:
- Salary range 30000-40000 $US per year,
- Supported housing 50% (approximately $US 250 in rent of about $US 500 per month,
- Backed with 100money go to work everyday (bus or subway),
- Restinsurance and retirement under the Law of Japan (insurance reimbursement when engineer finish the contract and go back home).
- The candidate meets the requirements of expertise, but have not yet reached the Japanese language, Japanese firms will foster the training Japanese language in 2 months, monthly pay 14 million VND.

- Company VietIS does not charge any fee for candidates, the Japanese side will pay all the costs including Visa fee.


For getting work in Japan under the program of cooperation Vietnam - Japan, the candidates have to attend an interview and must meet the following two requirementsFaculty of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering will prepare students to achieve that two requirements:

1Professionally, the Japanese business requirement for mechanical engineers is to know how to use the software AutocadCatia ...automation design (including automobile design to  work for automakers). For IT Engineers shall require thinking programmers.

The expertise includes AutoCAD, Catia ... Automation design of machines and systems of automated production lines, automotive design ..., PLC, Micro processors, the Faculty will teach theory and practice skills in attending class hours, and will teach advanced to students outside of class hours, especially at the time of graduate work or just after graduating.

2Japanese language

It is mandatory and is also the most challenging for the candidate (one has English takes precedence over the selection, but it's just a secondary requirement, recruit mainly requires Japanese of N3 qualification). The University allows to move a partial English (number of credits remaining for students who finished 2-4 years of study and move the entire 40 credits to learn Japanese for new students in year 1), if the students intend to work in Japan after graduation.

Now the formal English teaching hours will be converted into the Japanese language coursesto equip students Japanese basisFaculty of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and INBUS will corporate to offer advanced Japanese and professional Japanese programs.

Students who do not register still study under normal training program with English as foreign language and don’t be required to study skills mentioned above.

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