Bachelor Programme


10:05 - 24-12-2014



Architects Programme provides graduates with abilities of architectural design, environmental design of residential buildings, public buildings, small and medium sized productions, monitoring and managing construction projects, urban design and urban architecture management.
Graduates can work in consulting units of architectural design, and agencies regarding construction, architecture, and planning, urban management.


Number of Credits
I. General Education21
1. Basic Principles of Marsism-Leninism (I, II)6
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
4. Physical Education6
5. National Defense Education3
II. Professional Education219
a. Basic knowledge63
1. Descriptive Geometry6
2. Methods of Architecture Presentation - Record Drawing6
3. Establishments of Shape Architecture3
4. Engineering Drawing I3
5. Engineering Drawing II3
6. Fine Arts III (architectural decoration and sculpture)3
7. Architectural Aesthetics3
8. Building Physics6
9. Building Materials3
10. Engineering Mechatronics (Theoretical Mechatronics, Strength of materials, Structural Mechatronics)3
11. Structures (Foundations, Brick and Stone structure, Reinforced Concrete, Steel Structure)6
12. Engineering and Construction Organization3
13. Technical Urban Infrastructure3
14. Water Supply and Drainage3
15. Lighting and Electrical Systems3
16. Construction Law3
17. Construction Economics3
b. Fundamental knowledge81
1. Theory of Architecture Composing3
2. Theory of Residential Architecture3
3. Theory of Public Architecture3
4. Theory of Industrial Architecture3
5. Structure of Civil Architecture3
6. Structure of Industrial Architecture and New Structure3
7. History of World Architecture3
8. History of Vietnamese Architecture3
9. Works Equipment3
10. Theory of Urban Planning3
11. Interior Design3
12. Urban Design - Landscape Architecture3
13. Conservation of Architectural Heritage3
14. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development3
15. Architectural Blueprints (K1)3
16. Design for Low-rise Housing (K2)3
17. Design for Commercial buildings, Administrative Design (K3)3
18. Design for Education works, Healthcare and Public Services (K4)3
19. Design for Multi-stage Condominiums (9-16 stages) (K5)3
20. Project for Residential Unit Planning (Q1)3
21. Project for Industrial Works 1 (K6)3
22. Project for Cultural, Commercial Works (K7)3
23. Project for Detailed Urban Planning (Q2)3
24. Project for Industrial Works 2 (K8)3
25. Design Performance, Sport Works (General Design) - (K9)6
26. Fast Design T1, T2, T3, T43
c. Special knowledge 
(Students select one of the following major:)
• Major 1: “Works Architecture” 
1. Architecture of Urban Underground Works3
2. Construction Technology of high-rise and large-spaced buildings3
3. Rural Architecture3
4. Design for high-rise building/large-spaced buildings (K10)6
• Major 2: “Internal and External Design” 
1. House Furniture3
2. Furniture for Public House3
3. Landscaping Architecture3
4. Design for Interior, exterior building house/public works design (K10)6
• Major 3: “Environmental Design” 
1. Construction Environment3
2. Green Architecture, Sustainable Architecture3
3. Solution to Construction Pollution Reduction3
4. Design for Green Works Architect (K10)6
d. Complementary knowledge45
1. Computer Skills (Architectural Computing 12 credits)21
2. English24
e. Final Practicum and Graduation Project15
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