Bachelor of Banking

Bachelor Programme

Bachelor of Banking

08:55 - 25-12-2014



Bachelor of Banking provides Banking Experts with followings qualifications: professionals in all monetary financial ties between enterprises and banks particularly in commercial banks; foreign languages and computer skills.
Graduates are capable of performing the following tasks: 
- Perform accounting and payment business of commercial banks.
- Enforce credit functions of commercial banks and other credit institutions.
- Undertake key positions in a branch or trading agencies of commercial banks based on experiences.
- Take charge of finance - accounting of an agency/business in case of working beyond bank sector.


Number of Credits
I. General Education18
1. Philosophy3
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
4. Physical Education6
5. National Defense Education3
II- Professional Education222
a. Basic knowledge27
1. Economics of Marxism and Leninism6
2. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics6
3. Statistics3
4. Management Science3
5. Economic Law (I, II, III)9
b. Fundamental knowledge72
1. Theory of Finance and Money3
2. Accounting Postulate3
3. Tax3
4. Insurance3
5. Securities3
6. Corporate Finance6
7. Enterprise Accounting3
8. Financial Analysis of Business Operations3
9. Financial Mathematics3
10. Communication, Negotiation Skills3
11. International Finance3
12. International Money and International Payment3
13. Central Bank Business3
14. Commercial Bank Business6
15. Commercial Bank Capital3
16. Risk Management of Commercial Banks6
17. Commercial Bank Accounting3
18. Analysis of Commercial Banks' Business Operations6
19. Core Banking6
c. Special knowlege12
(Students select one of the following majors: ) 
Major 1: "Credits” 
1. Business Lending Operations6
2. Retail Banking Business3
3. Finance Leasing and Factoring Business3
Major 2: "Commercial Bank Accounting and Payment" 
1. Commercial Bank Accounting and Payment Business6
2. Commercial Bank Internal Accounting3
3. Commercial Bank Statistics Business3
Major 3: "Foreign Exchange Trading" 
1. Foreign Exchange Trading3
2. International Payment in import-export6
3. International Financial Institutions3
d. Complementary knowledge96
1. Computer Skills24
2. Foreign Languages (English)72
e. Final Practicum and Graduation Thesis15

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