Bachelor Programme (Full - Time)

Bachelor Programme

Bachelor Programme (Full - Time)

14:12 - 25-12-2014

·      HUBT’s Bachelor Programme is regarded relatively “large” compared to other universities'. A graduate must achieve following knowledge and skills:

1-     Proficient in professionals.
2-     Proficient in computer skills (through 360 computer-based lessons, not to mention period of time in the library).
3-     Good at English skills through 1.080 lessons, English Certificate C or TOEFL 500 - 550. (Some departments of engineering arrange only 360 English periods because they must spend more time for expertise subjects).
Computer Science and English belongs to full-time training programs, so students should not enroll in Informatics Center or English Center as many other universities. Students who finish the second year are eligible for International Cooperation Programme. Graduates with TOEFL Certificate of 550 score or higher are entitled for Master Programme under International Cooperation Programme.
Thanks to above knowledge and skills, graduates from HUBT are highly appreciated and have relatively high salaries.
·      Excellent students are able to achieve Certificate 2 within four years and a half, in which the second is Bachelor of English. Therefore, it is easy for them to find work in foreign investment enterprises.


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