E-Learning Programme

E-Learning Programme

E-Learning Programme

16:13 - 25-12-2014

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning (Electronic Learning) is a term of multiple perspectives and different interpretations.

- E-Learning is defined as using Web and Internet technology in learning (William Horton).
- E-Learning is a term used to describe learning and training operations based on information technology and communication (Compare InfoBase Inc). 
- E-Learning means that learning or training operations are prepared, transmitted or used tools of information technology, various media and implemented at local or global (MASIE Center). 
- The study is supported through electronic technology through many different techniques as Internet, TV, video tape, intelligent teaching systems, and computer-based training (CBT) (Sun Microsystems, Inc). 
- The transfer of activities, processes, and training events through electronic means such as Internet, intranet, extranet, CD-ROM, video tape, DVD, TV, personal devices... (e-learningsite). 
- "Technology is used to create, take valuable data, information, learning and knowledge with the aim of improving organization's activities and personal developments." (Definition of Lance Dublin, applying e-learning to enterprises). 
- E-Learning is a new way of learning through Internet, students can learn anytime, anywhere, interest and lifelong (EDUSOFT LTD.).

General characteristics of E-Learning

- E-Learning is based on information technology and communication such as network technology, engineering graphics, engineering simulation, computing technology…
- E-Learning is more effective than traditional methods because it is based on interactive multimedia, help learners exchange information more easily, as well as having contents appropriate with their abilities and interests.
- E-Learning will become an inevitable trend in the knowledge economy. Currently, it is attracting special attentions from countries around the world. Many organizations and companies operating in the field of E-Learning were born.

E-Learning system includes

- First, LMS - Learning Management System helps build effective online classroom.
- Second, LCMS - Learning Content Management System allows you to create and manage contents.
- Especially, E-Learning provides authoring tools, a lively and easy way to learn, as well as full multimedia.
- More importantly, E-Learning has been standardized so lectures can exchange across the world as well as among universities in Vietnam.

Forms of E-Learning 

- TBT- Technology -Based Training.
- CBT - Computer- Based Training.
- WBT – Web-Based Training.
- Online Learning/Training.
- Distance Learning.

Advantages of E-Learning

1. E-Learning changes study methods and transform the role of learners. As a result, learner plays a central role in the training process. Moreover, they can learn anytime, anywhere thanks to learning aids.

2. Learners can study according to individual timetable. In addition, depending on their ability, they are able to choose appropriate contents, so that E-Learning will cover a lot of training objects. Although E-Learning can not entirely replace traditional training methods, it help solve educational problems, i.e. the training needs of employees and the number of students increased too much compared to the ability of training facilities.

3. E-Learning will greatly appeal to even those students who previously have never been attracted by old-fashioned ways of education and well-suited to those who are working and want to improve their qualifications.

4. Distance programs in the world have now reached rich interfaces, a lot of multimedia effects such as sound, photographs, three-dimensional animation, animated technique, and high interaction ... between users and programs. This gives students exciting, passionate feelings in the process of acquiring knowledge and learning effectiveness.

5. E-Learning allows students to manage their academic operations, from time to knowledge as well as the order of lessons. Particularly, they can lookup relevant knowledge online, review sections quickly, exchange to new peers or teachers at school; meanwhile, traditional way cannot or have high cost.

E-learning Programme of Hanoi University of Business and Technology

  Office: D401 Building D
  Tel: 04.36336659 / 04.36336507 ext 401.

  Pursuant to Decision No. 4439/QD-BGDDT and Decision No.4856/QD-BGDDT by Minister of Education and Training to allow HUBT to implement Bachelor Programme majors:

- Accounting

- Finance - Banking

- Information Technology

  Certificate: is granted by Hanoi University of Business and Technology via Internet and it is nationally recognized. In particular, graduates are eligible for Master System or Certificate 2 at other universities.

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