Master of Information Technology

Master Programme

Master of Information Technology

14:49 - 25-12-2014


1. Training mode
- Full-time, credit-based programme

2. Schedule
From 1 to 2 years depends on types of bachelor (5 or 4 years). HUBT implement credit-based training programme regulated by MOET, therefore, students have to register courses following curriculum approved. Topics and thesis instructors are completed in the first year of the course.

3. Training programme

Total credits: 48
+ General Education: 6
- Philosophy: 3
- English for Specific Purposes: 3
+ Professional Education: 33
- Compulsory subject: 21
- Optiona subjectl: 12/24
+ Master Thesis: 9
Total: 48

No.IDSubjectNumber of CreditPeriodNote
I. General Education06   
2EN501English for Specific Purposes33045 
II. Professional Education 
Compulsory subject21   
1SE501Software Design33045 
2SE502Software Development Process33045 
3SE503Software Test and Assurance33045 
4SE504Software Project Management33045 
5SE505Software Developmment and Maintenance33045 
6SE506Software Modelling33045 
7SE507Software Requirement33045 
Optional subject12/24   
1SE508Service-Oriented Analysis and Design33045 
2SE509Agile Method33045 
3SE510Embedded Sofware Technology33045 
4SE511Principles of Programming Language33045 
5SE512Enterprise Information System33045 
6SE513Mobile Application Development33045 
7SE514Cloud Computing33045 
8SE515Aglets Software Engineering33045 
III. Thesis
1SE516Graduation Thesis9   


LT: Theory, TH: Discussion and Practice
1 credit equals 15 theory periods30 - 45 periods of practice, lab or discussion45 - 90 hours of on-site practice45 - 60 hours of design, exercise or graduation thesis.
For courses of theorypractice, or  experiment, it is important that students spend at least 30 hours of individual preparation.

A period equals 50 minutes.

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