Master Program

Master Programme

Master Program

15:15 - 25-12-2014

After ten years of effective university training, The Prime Minister and Ministry of Education and Training allowed Hanoi University of Business and Technology to train Master in sectors:
-  Business Administration
-  Finance
-  Banking
-  Accounting - Auditing

All three above majors aim to create career and practice orientation: training managers in key positions of enterprises.
Scientifically speaking, Master program aims to improve (compared to knowledge in University) scientific knowledge related to career orientation of students.
Training program must ensure that students achieve the following specific objectives:
1. Economic knowledge and judgment to solve problems of enterprises (based on basic subjects: Management Economics and Management Science).
2. Professionals in fields of study (based on required specialization).
3. Mastering a specialization in line with the current position (or desired) of students (based on selective).
4. Mastering business law related to students' career.
5. Full awareness of positions, functions, tasks, social responsibilities, qualities, and ethics of business managers to improve their qualifications.
6. Logical thinking and dialectical logics, ability to analyze and synthesize, research methodology (based on Philosophy).
7. Presentation, persuasion, communication and negotiation skills.
8. Advanced English for Business skills.
9. Advanced Applied Informatics skills.
10. Ability to research, analyze and solve problems on scientific basis of practical problems of business (based on Graduation Thesis).

1. Self-learning
The grades depend primarily on self learning.
The number of credits measures the volume of knowledge in Master program. A credit is an amount of knowledge requires students to experience through 30-hour self-learning + 15 periods in class (lectures, discussions, case studies, essay, etc.). HUBT based on the number of self-learning hours each subject to prescribe list of reading materials (about 10-15 pages for one self-learning hour). In addition to reading materials, HUBT also offers references for students to widen knowledge.
HUBT provides reading materials to each student. Students can read references at the Library, and borrow or visit online (HUBT's Library is equipped with computer rooms with free internet connections).

2. English and Applied Informatics
A Master of Business Administration, Finance - Banking or Accounting - Auditing is a business manager in the international integration environment. It is necessary that managers use English and know achievements of Information Technology. Both skills are not only the goal of the training program but also a precondition for the acceptance-training program. (A very important part of training programs should be studied directly through English document or directly accessed from Internet). Thus, the sooner you achieve proficiency in 2 skills, the more you achieve from the course. Master program does not take up much time for 2 skills. Students must train themselves based on knowledge at university.

3. Graduation Thesis
Graduation Thesis for Master does not require a scientific discovery. However, the lack of research and creativity cannot be called a scientific research project, even a small work.
Graduation Thesis must demonstrate that student masters knowledge, know how to put into practice to solve problem in business and management. It must show author's own creative and discoveries.
Contents must demonstrate scientific methodology as well as ways of presentation. (Philosophy - formal logic and dialectical logic are the best way to practice scientific method of thinking, it would be very helpful for you in the thesis and in any case need to be considered and resolved).
The quality of the thesis is not in its length but at its core content.
The theme of thesis should be directed to the specialization, but limited in that range.

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