Bachelor of Information Technology

In-service Programme

Bachelor of Information Technology

10:05 - 26-12-2014



Bachelor of Information Technology provides Software Experts with English skills.
Graduates have abilities to manage and operate computer networks of agencies/businesses, design and install management software, process information in fields of accounting, banking, e-commerce, etc.


Number of Credits
I. General Education12
1. Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism (I, II)6
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
II. Professional Education168
a. Basic knowledge114
1. Introduction to Windows, Internet, Email3
2. WinWord, PowerPoint6
3. Basic and Advanced Excel6
4. Basic and Advanced Access6
5. Discrete Mathematics (set, combination, and propositional logic)3
6. Discrete Mathematics (graph theory)3
7. Data Structure (3) + Algorithm (3)6
8. Computer Architecture3
9. Computer Repairing, Installing, and Assembling Engineering6
10. Systems Analysis and Design3
11. Relation Database6
12. Computer Network6
13. Unix Operating System3
14. Structure Programming6
15. Advanced and Basic Visual Programming6
16. Assembly Language Programming3
17. Artificial Intelligence3
18. Computer Graphics3
19. Basic Java Programming3
20. Basic C++ Programming3
21. Network Administration3
22. Software Engineering6
23. ASP/JavaScript/PHP/VB Script6
24. OOP Programming3
25. Database Administration3
26. Web Designing Techniques3
27. Information System Development3
b. Complementary knowledge39
Foreign Languages (English) 
d. Final Practicum and Graduation Project15

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