College of Electrical - Electronic

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College of Electrical - Electronic

14:25 - 27-12-2014



College of Electrical-Electronics provides Electrical - Electronic Engineers with knowledge and skills in Electrical, Electronics and Automation.
Graduates are capable of working in manufacturing facilities or industrial and commercial facilities or services regarding electricals, electronics, automations. Moreover, they can open their own businesses.


Number of Credits
I. General Education21
1. Basic Principles of Marsism-Leninism (I, II)6
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
4. Physical Education6
5. National Defense Education3
II. Professional Education159
a. Basic knowledge36
1. Advanced Mathematics (I, II, III)9
2. Physics (I, II)6
3. Computer Skills12
4. Descriptive Geomety, Technical Drawing3
5. Mechatronics Applications3
6. Introductory Mechanical Engineering3
b. Fundamental knowledge87
1. Electrical Engineering6
2. Electric Machine and Electric Instrument6
3. Theories of Automatic Control3
4. Power Electronics6
5. Electronic Engineering6
6. Measurement Techniques3
7. Microprocessors6
8. Matlab and Simulink3
9. Technical Maintenance and Repair of Electronic Equipment3
10. Electric Transmission6
11. Logic Control3
12. Pneumatic Machine Control3
13. Electrical Safety3
14. Technical Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Equipment3
15. PLC Controls6
16. Power Supply and Lighting Techniques6
17. Electrical and Electronic Equip6
18. Management Science3
19. Corporate Finance3
20. Accounting Postulate. Enterprise Accounting3
c. Practicum9
1. Mechatronics Practicum (3 weeks)3
2. Electric Internship (3 weeks)3
3. Electronic Internship (3 weeks)3
d. Complementary knowledge12
Basic English 
e. Graduation Project15

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