College of Mechatronics

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College of Mechatronics

14:23 - 27-12-2014



Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering - technology industry (Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Automation) and wide research and application area. This program focused on the following majors:
- Robot Technique and Automation of Production Processes,
- Mechatronics in Automobile,
- Applied Informatics in Engineering.
College of Mechatronics aims to train practical engineers with basic knowledge and skills on applied mechanical and electrical applications; computer skills to solve problems related to design, fabrication, operation, improvement and maintenance of mechanical systems, mechatronic equipment.
Graduates are able to work for industrial production enterpises or companies of trading and service of mechatronic products, or set up their own enterprises. They also have abilities to work at applied informatics companies or teach in vocational colleges and technical training schools.


Number of Credits
I. General Education21
1. Basic Principles of Marsism-Leninism (I, II)6
2. Ho-Chi-Minh Thought3
3. Revolutionary Strategies of Communist Party of Vietnam3
4. Physical Education6
5. National Defense Education3
II. Professional Education159
a. Basic knowledge57
1. Advanced Mathematics (I, II, III, IV)9
2. Physics (I, II)6
3. Introduction to Computer Science6
4. Technical Drawing3
5. Engineering Mechatronics6
6. Introductory Mechanical Engineering3
7. Material Study3
8. Strength of Material6
9. Engineering Water Gas3
10. Machine Principles and Machinery Parts6
11. Electrical Engineering3
12. Thermal Engineering3
b. Fundamental knowledge48
1. Tolerance and Mechanical Measurement (Experiment)3
2. Basics of MATLAB and SIMULINK (Practice)3
3. Programing Languages C and C++ (Practice)3
4. Data Structures and Algorithms3
5. CAD3
6. Electronic Engineering3
7. Electric Machine and Electric Instrument3
8. Electric Transmission and Power Electronics3
9. Production of Embryos3
10. Mechanical Technology6
11. Safety Engineering and Environment3
12. Cutting Principle and Cutting Tools3
13. Universal Machine Tools and CNC Machine Tools6
14. Project of the Manufacturing Technology3
c. Practicum27
1. Electronics and Mechatronics Practicum (18 weeks)18
2. Technical Practicum (9 weeks)9
d. Complementary knowledge12
e. Graduation Project15
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