In-service college Program

In-service Programme

In-service college Program

10:56 - 27-12-2014

• If you do not have an opportunity to attend Bachelor Programme, there is one more chance for you: In-service Programme
• In-service Programme (learning by doing) helps learners work and learn for desired certificate, i.e. Bachelor.
HUBT In-service Programme covers 7 majors as follow:

1- Business Management
2- Commercial Business
3- Tourism Business
4- Finance 
5- Banking
6- Accounting - Auditing
7- Information Technology

• In-service Programme should ensure standard knowledge by Ministry of Education - Training for University level (210 credits). As Continuing Education Program skips subjects as Physical Education, Military Training, Final Practicum, the program covers 180 credits.
• HUBT Bachelor Programme is different from other universities' In-service Programme in 2 points:

1) Due to tight duration, Foreign Languages only covers 20 credits as specified by Ministry of Education - Bachelor Programme (HUBT Bachelor Programs covers 72 credits).
2) Students attending In-service Programme do not need to take part in final practicum (2 months) and research topics for Graduation Thesis (1 month), they only attend graduation exams after preparation period.

In addition to above 2 points, every phase of training process is implemented as full-time programme. Therefore, In-service Programme ensures quality. HUBT does not accept students' habit false learning for certificate.
• Class time covers evenings and weekends in accordance with on learner demands. This requires ongoing efforts to not only attend full-time classes but also guarantee self-study, self-research and self-discipline.
• Those who want to attend In-service Programme shall be free from courses completed in College or Intermediate Programme.

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