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10:21 - 28-03-2015

Now Hip-hop is no longer new but familiar with HUBT students. Great dances mixed effervescent music and styled dressing of Hip-hop club attracted numerous students after school hours every afternoon.

  This Hip-hop club has performed since 2008 with genres as break dance, popping, dance, cover, C-walk. Each year, Hip-hop club attracted more than 40 official members and dozens of attendees. Despite a few key members, Hip-hop club created a strong team. When practicing, they followed each other's movements. Additionally, formers instruct news and news guide newers and they cooperated to reach new heights. Furthermore, small competitions among members are organized regularly. They performed solo dances which showed individual techniques first, and then they improve together and danced in pairs or groups. Group dances require not only techniques of each individual but also the coordination among members, particularly dance in pairs. Members practice every day so that they can offer the audience impressive dances. In addition, they invited Hip-hop professionals as examiners and instructors in small competitions. It can be seen that each member desires to learn, to be showed, and to burn out with passion. 

A few years ago, anyone coming in HUBT after 5h30 pm could see workouts of Hip-hop club in both the lobby and 2nd floor Building A. Nevertheless, now they have to practice in the 2nd floor Building A only. Despite narrow space and more difficulties, their spirits and passions remain unchanged. Members encourage each other to overcome challenges, practice together and develop their passions. 

The greatest reward for their passions is to be dedicated and recognized. Whether cultural programs are big or small, inside or outside of the campus, as long as there is a need and welcome, they are always enthusiastic. From other clubs' parties, entertainment nights by Union, and other HUBT activities to cultural programs of Hanoi Youth Union, the audience can witness great dances elaborately designed from our B - boy and B - girl.

Hip-hop club is becoming more and more popular, under the estimation of not only "seniors" but also fans of this art. Hip-hop club are always looking for opportunities to participate in shows in Hanoi and provinces such as Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Nghe An, with the name The Winds Crew. The Winds Crew is recognized through high achievements such as The most styled award in Hanoi Jam 2011, The first prize in Talent Section of 2010 Golden Bell; a number of individuals as Top 4 in Power move all for one 2012, The second prize in Let's do it 2012. In particular, in period 2012-2013, Hip-hop club was rewarded by Hanoi Youth Union for contributions to Capital Association.

Tran Duc Hanh as the manager thanks HUBT and students' supports, Hip-hop club will try their best to become a helpful organization for students interested in Hip-hop and creates opportunities to exchange as well as improve health and spirit. In addition, Hip-hop club is always aware of their missions to promote HUBT cultural movements. Now, it is Hip-hop club's wish to have favorable conditions regarding practice space and more chances to participate in dancing competitions in and outside Hanoi.

Thank to above-mentioned achievements, Hip-hop club has become a destination, a source of spirit and physical for HUBT students interested in Hip - hop. Especially, Hip-hop club is going to celebrate "5 year journey". It is believed that The Winds Crew will increasingly be recognized. More passions and contributions to HUBT, The Winds Crew!



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