Introduction to Faculty of Commerce

Faculty of Commerce

Introduction to Faculty of Commerce

15:10 - 29-12-2014

      We will never forget memories about our Faculty of Commerce. Yesterday and today creating the tradition makes great impression on several generations of students.  6/15/1996 Hanoi University of Business and Technology was established by Prof. Tran Phuong as the President, Vice Chairman, Board Secretary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (now Deputy Prime Minister), Minister of Commerce, and partners in areas of politics, economics, trade and investment. The Government decided to founded HUBT as a nonpublic in the process of educational socialization.
      Faculty of Commerce was born. After that, it was separated into 2 named Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Tourism. Faculty of Commerce is responsible for commercial training. In addition, Faculty of Commerce is one of the firsts to overcome early challenges since Vietnam integrated international economics.
      Since established in 1996, Faculty of Commerce has been training 2342 students of 17 grades, including 4 majors such as Commerce, International Trade, Marketing and Logistics. Not to mention graduates from Colleges and Trade schools.
Most graduates from Faculty of Commerce find good jobs in:
      ● Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance, People's Committee in Hanoi and other provinces, which are senior management agencies of the Government and local departments. Graduates should develop macroeconomic policies to monitor commercial operations or research, negotiate Bilateral or Multilateral Agreements or make relationships with partners such as the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East ... or international organizations such as WTO, ASEAN, APEC, ASEM, etc., or become Vietnam representatives in foreign embassies. Vietnam joined above international organizations, so organizations such as Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Transportation, Finance, Banking, Culture, have responsibilities to participate in integrations, multilateral trade negotiations. Therefore, those Ministries need to employ for integration and trade activities. Local governments recruit well-trained staffs in commercial for the management of commercial activities as import and export, management of businesses, markets at provinces, district and village and development programs.
      ● Corporations, Companies, Public corporation, private companies, domestic and foreign venture as Vinashin, Ha Rang Coal Corporation in Quang Ninh, Korea Logistics Company in Hanoi, TOYOTA-HONDA Vinh Phuc, Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom's in Hanoi), Vietinbank, Asian Commercial Bank, Seabank, or research institutes in Hanoi. Domestic and foreign enterprises need skilled workers for the distribution of goods by the Group, the Company or its joint venture. Doosan-South Korea in Quang Ngai and many Japanese and Korean Companies in Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau produce and export billions of U.S. Dollari, so the demand for skilled human resources becomes urgent. Domestic and foreign banks as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC need employees specialized in international trade such as credit and international payments and transaction with domestic trade business. Hence, these banks recruit employees with high salaries, including students in faculties of commerce.
      ● Many students are impressed on a statement “Nothing venture nothing gains”. As a result, they opened their own companies, and had proud achievements; for example: Water Filter KANGAROO by Nguyen Thanh Phuong who used to be a student of Faculty of Commerce. Until now, his company has been developing in Vietnam.
      Every year, alumni from all parts of the country gathered to remember old memories.
II- Training Objectives:  
       Faculty of Commerce targets to reach the top of intellectuals with the motto "Learning and Practicing". The program aims to train "trading specialists" in domestic and international area, as well as English and computer skills.
      Training program is also suitable for those who are and will assume the position of "Director of a commercial enterprise" or Vietnam Trade Representative (Trade Department) in other countries.
      Faculty of Commerce trains students, colleges, intermediates, and inter-colleges for majors following:
      - Commerce;
      - International Trade Business;
      - Marketing;
      - Logistics.
Through this training program, attendees will be granted bachelor certificate, certificate for transfer education and certificate of Commerce College.
      ♠-Dean's name:  Lecturer Tran Duc Minh.
      ♠- Vice Dean:
      ▪ Dr. Tran Thanh Toan (Permanent)
      ▪ Dr. Do Ngoc Tuoc,
      ▪ Dr. Bui Huu Dao,
      ▪ Senior lecturer Nguyen Van Truong.
      ♠- Lecturer:
Teaching staffs:
Officer lectuer:
      ▪ MA. Nguyen Thi Huong Nhung
      ▪  MA.Le Thi My Ngoc
      ▪  MA.Tran Viet Hung
      ▪  MA. Nguyen Ba Du
      ▪  Bachelor Dao Thu Huong
       Prof., Dr. Pham Tat Thang
      ▪ Dr. Quang Anh
      ▪ Dr. Tran Hoe
      ▪ Dr. Phan The Que
      ▪ MA Nguyen Thi Hien
      ▪ Dean Vu Thi Lanh
      ▪ And many other seniors, 
      ▪ Dean Tran Huu Hanh and Secretary of HCM Communist Youth Union, Chairman of Student Union
      ▪ Head Vu Hoang Phuong              
          Teaching staffs used to study at prestigious universities in Vietnam and overseas. Some lecturers used to hold positions as Deputy Minister, General Director in Departments and Government Office, general managers in corporate or deans of universities, or graduate abroad. Lecturers are professionals in Commerce and International Trade. Moreover, they have a lot of practical experiences in the management of state and business, and English skills such as Russian, French and Germany. Assistants are professionals with high degree of titles and experience. They are currently working or retired from Ministries, Departments or enterprises. Last years, many students with graduate thesis in English achieved excellent type thanks to lecturers' instructions.
      HUBT targets to train APPLIED ECONOMISTS. Therefore, Faculty of Commerce concentrates on practice to turn theories into practical lessons. Faculty of Commerce has been building PRACTICE CENTERS to create a stimulated market called VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE to provide students a realistic business environment. Students can witness business operations of International Trade and Business Companies, Marine Transport Companies, Aviation Companies in Airports, Harbors, Customs, Banks, Supermarkets, etc. In addition, students can directly take on duties such as negotiation, drafting, signing contracts, dispute settlement in business operations. Also, they can go and visit at gates, borders and ports, or attend conferences by domestic and foreign businesses in Vietnamese or English.


Tel: 3.6336507 (Ext: 721)
▪   Assistants' room: C617 (Floor 6, Building C); Tel:……..

Tran Huu Hanh
Vu Hoang Phuong
Dean's room: C605; Tel: 0913506123.
Lecturer and Vice Dean's room: C604; Tel:…….

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