Introduction to Faculty of Banking

Faculty of Banking

Introduction to Faculty of Banking

09:35 - 30-12-2014

Faculty of Banking was separated from Faculty of Finance – Banking from March 2013 and concentrated on recruitment market.

Office: B.203
Tel: 04.36336603 – Ext. 723
1. History
Faculty of Banking was separated from Faculty of Finance – Banking from March 2013 and concentrated on recruitment market. Faculty of Banking target to follow the demand for human resource of monetary business system, including commercial banks of Vietnam and foreign countries based in Vietnam, Financial Companies, Finance Leasing Companies, Policy Banks, Cooperative Banks, Mixed Banks, People Loans Fund, Micro Construction Organizations and State Management System on banking operations is Vietnam State Bank.

After few years of separation, Faculty of Banking based on the development of Faculty of Finance – Banking and bridged its relations with credit agencies following:
-    Training cooperation: Probation place, teaching duties, graduation probation instructions, scientific special subject reports, materials development, etc.
-    Recruitment cooperation: Cooperating with Rural Development and Agriculture Banks, Faculty of Banking signed an agreement on scholarship priority, recruitment priority for some persons.
2. Teaching staff
-    Professional lecturers: 25 lecturers. Most of them are Economics Masters, Doctorates, and Associate Professors. Especially, one third who plays a significant role in Head of Department are seniors in banking, such as General Directors, Chairman of the Board, Director General, and Deputy Director General, who take charge of specializations in Faculty of Banking.
-    Senior lecturers: about 20 senior lecturers as teachers, scientists, and managers in and beyond HUBT. All of them have experience in teaching and banking.
3. Training program
Training for Banking: College, Bachelor, Master. 
3 majors including:
-    Credit
-    Accounting – Payment
-    Exchange Business.
It is expected that period 2003-2004, HUBT will ask MOET for permission to train for Doctorate, specifically Finance – Banking Doctorate.
4. Students
Regarding full-time programme, there are over 2,000 students per year on average.
5. Learning and Teaching
-    The number of subjects accounts for 60% total subjects of all training programs for Bachelor. In addition, 100% of students have to experience probation and graduation thesis.
-    Materials: Faculty of Banking composed 12 sets of materials focused on skills training, reduced theories to create favorable conditions for students to apply for specialized positions. Such textbooks are supplemented according to international and national standards modified every year.  
Faculty of Banking developed Practice Records for divisions based on data from Commercial Banks and spent one-third time for student to practice. Faculty of Banking planned to design a banking practice house at HUBT in order to create environment for student to “learn and practice”.
-   Faculty of Banking appoints lecturers as banking officials to consult last-year students who apply for different positions if they need.

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