Introduction to Faculty of Applied Arts

Faculty of Applied Arts

Introduction to Faculty of Applied Arts

09:48 - 31-12-2014

1. History:
    12/10/2011, the President of Hanoi University of Business and Technology issued Decision No. 308/QD-TCCB on the establishment of Industrial Arts Design.
    On the basis of Industrial Arts Design dated 10/15/2012, the President of HUBT issued Decision No. 439/QD-TCCB on the establishment of Faculty of Applied Arts.
    Faculty of Applied Arts started admissions from Grade 17 with 100 students corresponding to 4 classes.
 2. Staffs

No.Full nameTitleDegree
1Bui Quang Hai-Dean (President of Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts)Master
2Le Quoc VuVice DeanMaster
3Thai Van HaAssistantMaster
4Le Huy Van- Official lecturers (Vice President of Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts)Lecturers
5Nguyen Van Nghi- Official lecturers (Dean of Faculty of Fundamental Arts under Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts)Lecturers

 Managers and staffs are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated; in addition, teachers used to participate in management. Especially, they have been working at University of Industrial Arts and a number of universities of the same major.
3. Office:
    - Board of Chairman: C705Y
    - Office: C709T
    - Email:
4. Training Programme:
a. Certificate:
    - Bachelor: 4 years
    - College: 3 years
b. Major:      - Graphic Design
                    - Interior Design
                    - Industrial Design
c. Programme are developed in accordance with specific expertise and approved by Ministry of Education and Training.
    - The program targets occupation-oriented Bachelor of Applied Arts.
    - Students are equipped with basic knowledge and practical design skills. They can go and visit all factories specialized in Science and in facilities, business in Vietnam or overseas.
d. International Cooperation Programme: Faculty of Applied Arts cooperated with Swimbern University, Australia.
d. Admission period 2013 – 2014: Faculty of Applied Arts carry on reviewing selection 2 for H, V of the same major (enough qualifications):
    - Graphics Design: 100
    - Interior Design: 100
    - Industrial Design: 100

MA. Bui Quang Hai

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