Introduction to Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture

Introduction to Faculty of Architecture

09:45 - 31-12-2014

Office: C215

Ext: 115
Head of Department:    

+ Dean's name: Prof. Dr. Architect Nguyen Huu Dung  

    Director General - Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Ministry of Construction

+ Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Architect Thieu Van Hoan 

    Dean of Postgraduate Faculty - Hanoi Architectural University

+ Vice Chairman: Dr. Architect Nguyen Tien Buu


    + M.A Nguyen Duc Toan. Tel: 0973214368
    + CN.MT Nguyen Thi Thao. Tel: 01697591381
    + M.A Dao Thi Son. Tel: 0983305030
    + Architect. Nguyen Yen Ha. Tel: 0912063655

About Faculty of Architecture

According to society demands, HUBT established Faculty of Architecture.

From the first year, Faculty of Architect admitted nearly 100 students, and this number has been increasing next years. Up to present, a total number of Architecture students are approximately 1,700:
+ Grade Ar.14 included 12 classes (350 students)
+ Grade Ar.15 included 14 classes (420 students)
+ Grade Ar.16 included 13 classes (390 students)
+ Grade Ar.17 included 19 classes  (680 students)
- So far, teaching staffs have increased to nearly 80 teachers, including: 52 official lecturers and ~ 30 assistants are senior Professors, Associate Professors, PhDs, MBAs, Engineers, Architects.
- Among 52 official lecturers,
+ 05 lecturers are Professors, Associate Professors, PhDs accounting for 9,6 %
+ 22 lecturers are MBA accounting for 42,3%
+ 25 lecturers are Engineers, Architects accounting for 48,07%. 
They are seniors and used to work at organizations such as, Ministry of Construction, Hanoi Architectural University, National University of Civil Engineering, Institute of Planning and Architecture and consulting companies.
Training period extends 4 years. Training contents are considered from architecture universities in Vietnam and abroad.
Students will learn general subjects, then register 3 majors: Architectural, Interior - exterior architecture, Green architecture. These majors help students to meet the needs of society. "Green architecture, sustainable architecture" are now becoming the next step of the architectural history. Therefore, Faculty of Architecture is the first to carry out training on “Green architecture".
This program targets to train students to become practice architects and to provide knowledge and skills for graduates to work effectively.
As a result, 80% students of grade Ar 13 found jobs and got good reviews.

Faculty of Architecture always promotes the construction of HUBT culture, friendly environment between lecturers and students as well as an environment to work effectively.

In addition, strengths of Faculty of Architecture are adequate facilities, modern rooms. Particularly, students show their projects through computers on classes.

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