Introduction to Faculty of Chinese and Japanese

Faculty of Chinese and Japanese

Introduction to Faculty of Chinese and Japanese

09:54 - 31-12-2014

Office: A209
Tel: 04.36336605 
Dean's office: A213
Tel: 04.36336605 – ext 213


Faculty of Chinese and Japanese was founded in 2006. Until now, more than 252 bachelors and 1250 oversea students graduated from that. This program aims to train not only general Chinese but also Chinese for Business. Chinese for Business program requires students to master both Chinese and basics on economics - business. A great combination between Chinese and economics - business knowledge creates a "double" product: Both Chinese experts and businessmen. 
Graduates are able to take on numerous positions in fields of education, business, import and export, translation and interpretation, assistant manager, etc. According to statistics, about 70% graduates can implement work, and the rests take on Chinese-related jobs.
So far, Faculty has 36 staffs, where 90% are masters with basic Chinese in China and Taiwan. Most of the teachers have experience in teaching. In addition, some teachers and experts from China, Taiwan, and Japan are invited to the Faculty’s teaching. 
On the way of development, Faculty has close relationships with universities in China and Taiwan. In addition, Faculty cooperated with Taiwan experts in compiling materials for students studying in Taiwan. In order to develop curriculums for formal sectors, Faculty composes materials annually.
In addition, Faculty organizes thematic activities to enhance professionals and teaching methods for lecturers, as well as advanced computing classes in teaching foreign language. Every year, Faculty also invites teachers to scientific conferences, professional Chinese courses in universities in Vietnam as well as overseas.

Faculty trains the following programs:

-    Bachelor of Chinese and Japanese – Regular education (4 years)
-    Chinese in overseas ( 1+3 ; 2+2)
-    College for Chinese – Regular education (3 years)
-    Certificate 2 in Chinese (2 years)
-    Short-term Chinese and Japanese classes

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