Introduction to Faculty of Electrical - Electronics

Faculty of Electric - Electronics

Introduction to Faculty of Electrical - Electronics

09:16 - 31-12-2014

Office: B203
Email: Ext: 673

Faculty of Electrical - Electronics focuses on training Electrical - Electronics engineers. Graduates have knowledge and skills in Electricity, Electronics, Automation and Informatics in order to repair, manage electrical and electronic equipment, power and automation systems based on electrical and electronic equipment.
Graduates are capable of working in industrial and residential production facilities, or commercial business services of electrical and electronic products, automation or by opening their own companies specialized in those products.
Training periods: 4 years
Certificate: Bachelor of Electrical-Electronics
Lecturers: 28
Lecturers have been working at Hanoi University of Technology, Academy of Military Engineering, Hanoi University of Transportation. Many of them are seniors in the field of Electrical, Automation, and Electronics in Vietnam.


Faculty of Electrical - Electronics has a well-equipped laboratory; hence, students can practice and research:
+ Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Processors.
+ Computer Lab and Digital Simulation
+ Laboratory Automation 
+ Electrical - Electronics Workshop are under of construction

1. Training programme

Faculty of Electrical - Electronics covers 3 majors:
+ Industrial Automation
+ Industrial Electronics (Power Electronics and Civil Electronics)
+ Power Systems and Power Supply
3 grades graduated from Faculty of Electrical-Electronics, all of whom found jobs immediately with high salaries.

2. Scientific research

Scientific research is considered an important task of Faculty of Electrical-Electronics. Students are encouraged to do scientific research, participate in research to apply modern technologies to production and life. In recent years, Faculty of Electrical-Electronics has carried out numerous scientific works applied in HUBT and highly appreciated.

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